Bad Names

Seriously kim&kanye you could do better… LOL

Things My Daughters Told Me

I awoke to the morning news this morning, that Kayne West and Kim Kardashian have named their child North.  North West. 

Dear Lord.  Does nobody monitor birth records? 

Of course, mention made of this on facebook, came the reminder of my own name.

Thirty years ago, my parents had a wonderful, fabulous daughter that they gifted with the middle name Tajma. 

Most people don’t even know how to pronounce that until it’s paired with my maiden name.  Hall.  Tajma Hall.  Taj mahal.  Yes.  My parent’s did that.  They wanted Tajma to be my first name, but thankfully, I have other family members that cared for me, and my metal wellness. 

North West got me to thinking about my own children’s name.  Fortunately for them, their parents love them and did not name them something like Tajma Hall.  Their last name is Briggs, and they have the very pretty first names…

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