Distance over the water

INSPIRING work here people by Eben.N..A MUST read


Days are created with illusions of endless time. Weeks pass as the winter grows comfortable but our dreams of being successful stays a distant idea. Like salt on cold-bloody wounds, it burns to know that the life you are living is a lie – a conspiracy theory..

It starts as a lil’ boys dream with visions of driving your red car and the illusive wife that bakes cookies and yummy foods for you. Nothing wrong with innocence – just the start of a naive journey. I grew up unaware of the impending dangers and mysterious lies that creep in as you enjoying those cookies.

Life wasn’t easy but you grow up with school life shielding you from the stresses of college life and college life totally blind sighting you from life. “Young, wild and free..” – a party song on repeat as you flashback to every reckless hour night or…

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