The perfect man..

I hear girls, my friends, even guys talk about the Mr. Right, the right guy, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect husband, but I have looked deeper into that statement. I was ordering take aways one night over the weekend and I started speaking to this lady that was next to me, who looked rather upset, face blood red, eyes a little flooded ready to stream down her face and I asked what was wrong and she started telling me about her husband, that they always fight, he never does anything right, and she was going on and on about this husband of hers and then it caught my attention like a lightning bolt! Like those lightning strikes in the middle of that night that make you jump a little.. she said “I just the perfect husband”..My mind turned into a spider diagram shooting out a million thoughts in my head thinking over and over about “..perfect husband..”.

Now I don’t know what her husband does or what he doesn’t do but I’ve thought before and after speaking to her, girls, women, ladies must realize there’s NO perfect husband, boyfriend, girlfriend. it takes the imperfections to make someone perfect. No one is Jesus, or God, or Allah, etc. No one is going to never make a mistake in life, and never do something. Yes a guy/girl can promise never to do an action again but how can we predict life and the future that we will ABSOLUTELY never do that again, we’re humans, we make mistakes, we say messed up things, we cause all hell to break loose, its LIFE and we’re humans. That lady cannot expect her husband to do everything right, he never will. Especially when it comes to love, *sigh*, this is where the “right man” comes in, and mistakes that take place on an hourly, daily basis. Love does weird things to people like for example, speaking from experience, boiling a kettle without the lid on, and walking into a fridge.

Love in a man and in a women are very, very different and this is what most women don’t understand. Ladies give your man a chance to express his feelings, give him a chance!!. You can’t expect him to jump up for you every hour of the day, the guy already has other things on his mind and in his daily plans, like going drinking out with the boys, and sex. That’s kind of  a fact of life. Yes some of you ladies say “but my boyfriend doesn’t want sex..”. BULL, he’s lying through his teeth, all guys want sex, but some guys want it for different reasons, sex can be taken as being naughty or it taken be taken as a way of expressing raw and pure love.

Another thing just because guys think about sex, dream about it and the whole morning glory does NOT mean he loves sluts. Guys will or can think about all these sexy girls in lace or the “blonde bom shell” but every night or morning when he goes to bed or wakes up or during the day he will always go to bed thinking about the girl he really cares about. The funniest thing I have noticed with guys is when trying to get you to notice him, he will go to other girls and all that but girls he’s just a shy lost soul on the inside, CRAVING your attention and wanting you to notice him. Lastly girls, we are NOT  the only emotional one here, guys are very emotional too, they just too scared and act tough to show it. So there are some ideas some of you girls should take into consideration.

Now as you can see my point on the perfect guy and some experiences I’ve picked up from guys. I do have my Mr. Right in my head and soon in my life. But it’s not quite the society definition of the perfect guy. Its MY definition and idea and thoughts. A guy or relationship where the couple doesn’t fight..WRRROOONNGG!. A solid relationship does involve arguments and fights making you two wanting to rip each others brains out, but what some don’t realize its all through love, some through anger, but hey you’re going to have to go through thorns to get the rose. To get  a rainbow you’re going to have to go through the storm.

Another thought of mine for my guy, don’t expect him to buy you something and exactly what you want every month. The best gift I could get from my lover would be a portion of his time. Yes roses and all those materialistic things could be really nice, but those materialistic things, objects whatever you want to call them don’t last, yet a memory can last you a life time, days on end.

My perfect man, is when I look him in the eyes and that adrenaline rush goes through my body, feeling as if someone has set off a bomb in me and its going to explode. Looking into his big glossy brown eyes staring back at me as if he’s got a million things to say to me and they all just speaking through his look, his stare. When his touch has an effect on me like in those action carton series, when “power” explodes from their hands, when it feels like he has this explosion of love through his hands into my body straight to my heart knowing I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world but right there in his arms that wrap around me like a cocoon, and when his arms unravel me, like a cocoon a butterfly escapes, when he unravels me out of his arms there’s a girl lost in another planet of love and affection. Those butterflies you still get every time when you see him, even though it’s not the first or second time seeing him yet still getting a million butterflies in your tummy. Then…when he says “I Love you”, These three little words might possibly be the most powerful statement one can make to another person. This is where I can tell that I have found my type of perfect man, my Mr. Right, is when he has said those three most powerful words and you just feel as if I’m going to fill with tears, tears of joy, explode with happiness, feeling shortness of breath and left speechless and just knowing in your heart and mind that “he is the one”. Because you yearn to feel that every day of your life. Knowing he is the one because you have never felt those feelings and all the other feelings in your life before.

Ladies and gentlemen that is my “Perfect man”


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