August Wilson Center Dance Ensemble

The August Wilson Center Dance Ensemble flexes  its supple muscles and claims the spotlight with quicksilver agility, fierce  athleticism, finely honed Horton technique, and innate theatricality.With her artistic vision, a fellowship grant, and  the moxie to persevere, the Ailey II and Dayton Contemporary Dance Company  alumna hand-selected “hungry, committed, passionate” dancers and tapped her  artistic network for quality works. At its 2010 premiere, the vibrant ensemble  impressed in Christopher Huggins’ poignant Mothers of War while  powerful James Washington wowed audiences in Antonio Brown’s masterful  Solo. The seven-member multiethnic troupe leaped into the professional  arena in Darrell Grand Moultrie’s Regality at Manhattan’s SummerStage  2011. This season Sidra Bell, Camille A. Brown, and Kiesha Lalama-White  contribute to the expanding repertoire. AWCDE performs at home in January and  March and in Cincinnati this June.


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