Marlon Taylor-Wiles

He yanks his partner, drops into a split, strides  across the floor, and then, all soft and sensual, grazes his face on her bare  midriff. In his third season with Armitage Gone! Dance, Marlon Taylor-Wiles has  all the defiance and technical chops that are required of a Karole Armitage  ballet like Three Theories. He also has an intriguingly plush way of  moving through what Armitage calls (drawing from Einstein) “the warping and  twisting of the space-time fabric.” There’s softness in his power.

Taylor-Wiles trained at the Margo Marshall School of Ballet in Houston and  graduated from that city’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. He  attended Boston Conservatory on full scholarship, while also dancing in  BalletRox’s Urban Nutcracker, which mixes ballet with tap, hip hop, and  jazz. Other extracurricular notches on his belt: dancing in a Beyoncé music  video and modeling for Elle Italia and i-D Magazine.

After spending the fall touring Europe, the company goes to the Byham Theater in  Pittsburgh March 3, MCA in Chicago April 26–28, and the Yerba Buena Center for  the Arts in San Francisco May 18–19.


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