Living with Type 1 diabetes..


People look at you as a normal person, people with type 1 or 2 diabetes don’t look any different from when they or I wasn’t a diabetic. Yes my tummy has gotten a little swollen from all the injections. I thought I would share my story and my life living with type 1 diabetes.

It all started one sunny day on the coast of Durban. My parents watching Grand Prix, and me at the age of 5 years old playing beside them. The symptoms had started a few days before it all happened, but no one noticed, even me. Got more thirsty, went to the bathroom more often, got tired way faster etc, but it never came to anyone’s mind especially mine, what can I say, I was only 5 years old.

I suddenly fell to the ground for what had happened which no one knew but I had gone into a diabetic comma. Mom and dad rushed me to the hospital, doctors and doctors stuck needles in me left, right and center , glucose drips and all which was all killing me even more, but they thought I was dehydrated. Trying to shove coke and all sorts down my mouth. My 5 year old body laying there slowly about to leave this place that we call planet earth. I saw that big, shiny, white light, bright in my face. As I lay there, doctors not knowing what to do or what was really wrong with me, that moment my gran stepped in and screamed at the top of her voice, “test her sugar”. She told me she, the only one had suspected something was up in the past few days, the change in my mannerisms and the things I used to do, etc.

They tested my blood sugar level, as they saw the result, they ripped the drips out of me and put a saline drip in me which causes blood sugar levels to drop which is what I needed to stay alive, my sugar levels were rocketing to mars!! and at that moment, Amber Rose, me, at the age of 5, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Every day of my life I have to stick 5 injections in me, if not more if my blood sugar levels rise. Yes its been 13 years now that I’ve had Type 1 diabetes, but every injection does hurt as it plunges into my skin leaving behind a mark. I have to poke my fingers with a needle daily to check my sugar levels are okay.

I look around me every day and see people eating these ridiculously amazing treats such as crème brulee or a white chocolate cherry cake etc, all these things I wish I could have without any worry in the world when I take a bite, yet if I did want it, it would require another poke in the finger and another needle of insulin plunging into my tummy.

With type 1 diabetes I have no clue when I am going to see my last day, no matter how healthy or how perfect diabetic I can be, I could very easily go at any moment..

Type 1 diabetes isn’t something fun and something you must only worry about every few minutes of the day. it’s a full time job, 24/7. But what always keeps me going is asking myself a few questions such as…Do I have cancer? Am I blind? Am I deaf? and the list continues. In a way I think I am lucky I don’t suffer those and many other things which I appreciate..



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