The difficulties adn confusions of Type 1 diabetes…


If you read in my last blog about diabetes you will know I am a type 1 Diabetic and read how it came about with me and took over my life.

I must say type diabetes, don’t know about type 2 but type 1 must be one of the most bipolar diseases there is! One moment as you think okay you got everything under control you get sick and you sugars decide to fly as high as a kite. For example the other day I pricked my finger, tested my sugar and it was 7.2mmol/L then 45minutes later I tested again because I had the small usual symptoms of a hypo, and it was 2.3mmolL… and I was sitting down studying, nothing else.

I ate dinner one night and I always check my sugar just before I eat and it was a good reading and STRAIGTH after I tested and it went to 3.7mmol/L which blew me off my chair!!! Don’t know if that has happened to any of you.

I think a perfect way to describe diabetes is a bipolar pregnant women with no food in the house with mood swings, you just never know what you going to get. you wait fro the next reading, the next pin prick on you finger tips, you watch whatever you put in your mouth and inject whatever does go in your mouth and hope.

That is all you can really do is hope with type 1 diabetes, well and hard freaken work. Though sometimes that hard work gets to you a little bit and you just feel like going to any fast food outlet and buying a huge junky food hamburger but you just cant. That’s what we have to deal with and not fall through the traps, pick yourself up in those hard times and think how you have come this far even if you are just a beginner and carry on, be grateful that you are still alive

Life’s like a ticking clock, you never know when it’s going to stop…


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